Paintball kit bundle

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Price £280.00
Published 11-11-17

Dave Whale

Swadlincote South Derbyshire
07956 652010


Hi all

Entire Paintball Kit for sale, all in good condition. I played Paintball for just over a year back in 2014/15 with a group, sadly not played since so having a clear out, all kit is functioning, it has sat for over a year on a shelf inside the house, and with a house move approaching it is time to sell this kit on to someone who can put it to use.  

Kit included:-

2 x Remote Airlines (Valken  Coiled & I think straight Ninja line)
1 x Empire 4500 PSI Tank Manufacture date 06/2014 Re-hydro Test 06/2019
1 x Empire 3000 PSI Tank Re-hydro Test 12/2018
1 x Fat Boy Holster
8 x 8 Dye Paint Pots
1 x Eclipse HDE Vest (Used once)
1 x Dye Tactical Assault Pod Pouch 2+3 (Never used) (Dye-Cam)
1 x Dye Tactical Assault Pod Pouch 4+4 (Dye-Cam)
1 x Dye Drop Pouch (Dye-Cam)
1 x Fat Boy Gloves
4 x Milsig TipEx Mag holder
1 x Dye Admin Pouch (Dye-Cam)
1 x Dye 12g Gas Pouch (Dye-Cam)
1 x Rap4 Horizontal Air Tank Pouch
1 x USMG 12g Gas Pouch (Black)
1 x Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit
1 x JT Paintball Top
1 x Empire e-Flex Googles (Used once)
1 x BT Empire TM-15 Paintball Marker, and hopper (Hydro-dipped in camo, fires fine but looking a little faded in places where paintball paint reacted with the film.)

I'm located in South Derbyshire, happy to answer questions, so drop me a message or call.  Pick-up would be preferred since both Air Tanks still have pressure in them.

Many thanks



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