Tactical vest

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Price £34.98
Published 07-08-17


86 Buckingham Road, Stockport, SK44RB


My apologies for not knowing the exact name of the vest, it is extra large in size. Here are it's features:
at the front you have:
- 1 X pistol holster
- 2 X small tube holders (good for holding tubes to reload pistols like the ptxtreme)  
- 1 X medium pouch 
- 2 X small pouches
- 1 X UKPSF Big game 2003 patch 
- 1 X misfits patch
- 1 X COPS911.com patch 
At the back:
- 6 X paintball pot holders
- 1 X air/CO2 bottle holder (great if you use a remote coil)
Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions, thanks!


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