G&G CM18 Mod1 disassembled kit

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Price £200.00
Published 02-12-17


This is a G&G cm18 mod1 took it too my field twice but after a hamstring tear I never decided to go again! In the package you will get 6 mid-cap magazines, 2 speed loaders, micro red-dot, vertical grip, suppressor,flashlight with normal or strobe setting, the best non-fog goggles I have found, lower face mask, chest rig, 2 batteries and a charger and tools for all the kit. Like I said I’ve used this all about twice and it’s all still in great condition. The only down side is the gun is disassembled but it has all the parts needed so you can just find a tutorial to put it back together or just ask if you need me too! This is a great set of kit for a very reasonable price as I payed a lot more for this all. Paint job is scuffed but can easily be fixed!

Willing to accept £200 ono!


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