JT Splatmaster z100 + extras

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Price £35.00
Published 26-10-19

Simon Liu

15 Handford Way, Longwell Green


JT Splatmaster z100 paintball gun. 
Spring loaded paintball guns for younger players, or even adults. 0.50 cal, x4 magazines. 
(This is one of two items for sell (Pistol and x4 magazines) The third item has 5 magazines)

Assist grip attachment (helps younger players cock the barrel), Breach stick for cleaning out the barrel and Barrel Plug included. 

Splatmaster has been spray painted matt black with Krylon non reflective paint. 

No longer sold since the company was bought out by another company and they messed up all the remaining production from what I was told by a paintball company. Postage included in the price, 48 hours tracked. I have x3 JT Splatmaster z100 and x2 JT Splatmaster z200 shotguns for sell. If you wish to buy them all, maybe we can work on a deal. 


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