Rap4 T68 (M4 Replica) Magazine (or Hopper) Fed. 8 spare mags Price Drop for quick sale

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Price £325.00
Published 12-03-18

Gareth Mangnall

Morris Farm, Pocket Nook Road, Bolton BL6 4HW
07966 806056


For sale is my Rap4 T68 Marker. In excellent condition with very little use.

It comes with 8 Spare Magazines as well as a gravity fed hopper. There is also a spare barrel (attached barrel is a high quality after market job), 2 CO2 cannisters and 2 hoses and an e-Trigger with Full Auto, Semi Auto 3 Round Burst and Fire on Press/Release modes. Note you would need to use the magazines or a battery powered hopper for the full auto modes as it fires too quickly for a gravity fed hopper to do so reliably.

I will also throw in 2 standard paintball cannisters and 2 modified ones to fit into an assault vest pouch (one fits perfectly into a double stanag pouch). I will also throw in a modified pounch to hold a CO2 Bottle attached to an assualt vest and a few spares.

The vest itself, the case and the scope (Hawke Red Dot42 which is a proper real steel scope not a cheap airsoft type model) are NOT included but am open to offers for each.


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