Spyder MR5 Paintball Gun - With Accessories!

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Price £170.00
Published 31-10-17

Cameron Bomford-Smith

2, Blacksmith Lane, Boothby graffoe, Lincoln


I've only used the paintball gun once and haven't had the chance since so I am deciding to sell it. 
It is in brand new condition with box and works perfectly! 
This can shoot first strike rounds and normal paint and paint can be shot from either the hopper or the magazine. 
It comes with all the third-party attachments I bought separately for it. 
These include; 
- 2 Scopes 
-1 Bipod 
-1 Foregrip 
-1 Torch 
Selling for £170! 
Please feel free to contact for more information and/or pictures. :) Read More 


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