Tippman TMC ready to play bundle

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Price £170.00
Published 12-08-19

Lucas Day

Erith, Kent


A great value for money package! 

Timppman TMC marker with original packaging and accessories

Everything in the pictures included 

 - 2 x 20 capacity magazines 
 - Proto Airtank (with capacity to 5K psi)
 - Valken MI-7 visor with adjustable top
 - V-TAC pod holders
 - 3 x 100 capacity pods
 - Hopper for alternate paintball feeding
 - 700 paintballs approx
 - Comabt UK camoflague poncho
 - Two balaclavas 
 - squeege barrel cleaner 

 equipment only used once and treated well

Please ask if you have any questions, Am happy to answer. 

Reasonable offers may be considered. 


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