Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Marker & Accessories

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Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Marker & Accessories
Price £180.00
Published 08-06-17


14 sorrel gardens, south shields, ne348tu


Tippmann Alpha Black Paintball Marker & Accessories  
Accessories as listed:
Muzzle coverCyclone feed system loader
0.8L gas cylinder, can be used with air or CO2, within test dates
Remote airline with shut off, frees cylinder from gun for easier maneuvering and less to carry
6 slot bandolier belt with pouch for air cylinder
6 paintball pots to fit into bandolier beltBox of paintballs with around 1000 entry level paintballs still inside, all sealed.  
All cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, internal workings cleaned and oiled after use.


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