Vanguard Creed - Brushed Silver

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Price £90.00
Published 18-08-17


This is a brushed silver Vanguard Creed, I know this marker shot great a few years ago however has not been tested since then. I know that it needs a new battery as it is swollen and does not hold a charge, also the nut pictured looks to be wearing, however tightens and comes off fine. I have no way of testing this gun, however I know the ball detection does work . . . it is what it is but think with a bit of TLC could be a great gun once again . . . looking for around £90 free P&P if mainland UK.


3 Barrels - varying bore sizes and 1 silver 2 black 
1 spare board - condition unknown 
1 spare o ring and screw spares kit 
Original plug 


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